I was recently contacted by Crypton Fabric and asked to try their placemats.  Learn what I found out, what I thought and best of all: how you can get some free!

Crypton placemats


Crypton Placemats

Meals at home don’t have to be a mess

No more accidents that cause you stress

Ketchup, coffee, chocolate or wine

Spill them all and let Crypton shine

Grab some water and a bit of Tide

There is no need to panic when Crypton is on your side

Play, have fun, make a mess! It’s no problem… Crypton Fabric can handle it. Crypton invites you to put their place-mat to the test. Play around, try to make the biggest mess you can, record it and share it.  And get 4 Placemats for free!  Yes free.  Crypton believes placemats don’t have to be boring anymore and that you will agree.


Crypton placemats



Simple! sign up at  They will send you your first placement.  Then:

1. Make a mess.

2. Clean it up.

3. Record the process and share. Upload your 15 second video to Crypton’s Facebook Page or your Instagram using the hashtag #LifeOnCrypton.

Then, visit to share the link and Cryton will complete your set. Easy!


I received my set and was immediately impressed with the look and feel.  I don’t have available fancy plates or settings as the company does, but here is my single mat:

Crypton placemats And my complete set:

Crypton placemats Crypton placemats

These placemats are gorgeous and high quality.   I have the suede material and they are durable, sturdy, beautiful and easy to clean!  Having an autistic child who does not like to use utensils, you can imagine some of the messes we get.  But with my Crypton placemats, clean up is a breeze for the mess is contained.  And what about the mats getting ruined?  No worries.  They really do stand up to anything and still look new.

About Crypton Fabric:

Crypton began as a problem-solving idea: creating fabric that was stain, moisture and bacteria resistant, yet soft and breathable. The only options before Crypton were sticky vinyls and hot, rough, unpleasant-to-touch treated fabrics. Armed with decades of experience in the textile industry as well as advice and assistance from researchers, chemists and textile engineers, the Rubins set to work on that clearly defined problem in the basement of their Michigan home. The eureka moment came in 1993 with the development of Crypton Super Fabrics, which the Rubins protected with multiple global patents. Fast forward over twenty years later, 16 patents later, Crypton has become a household name. This American Made fabric has been used by top brands all over the country. From La-z-Boy to ABC Home and Carpet, to Raymour and Flannigan to the Hilton Hotel chain, Crypton’s innovative fabric has changed the way consumers and families live.

Crypton manufactures textiles through a process that transforms every woven fiber for permanent moisture, stain, bacteria and odor resistance. It also creates an integrated breathable barrier beneath those fibers, resulting in a perfect, impenetrable shield. As a result, Crypton Super Fabrics always perform as promised. They feel wonderful to the touch, and are available in an array of patterns, colors and textures for a wide variety of interior and exterior uses.

Crypton placemats

Crypton offers a range of consumer fabrics in textures such as woven, print, suede, leather and velvet, and products ranging from upholstery to furniture, pillows, Throvers, pet beds, aprons and more. The range of applications continues to grow, including Crypton Outdoor, an interior/exterior fabric; and INCASE Crypton Technology, which is a fabric treatment that offers the same stain and odor protection, but is used in applications where a barrier is not required.

Crypton’s introduction and the Rubins’ marketing savvy have generated an entirely new category of upholstery options, achieving unprecedented growth. Designers who use Crypton tend to be loyal customers, often giving Crypton the highest marks for fabric performance. According to a 2009 study conducted by Interior Design magazine, Crypton increased the brand’s familiarity 28 percent in the contract fabric market and 31 percent in the residential fabric market from 2008 – 2009.


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