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Everyone loves to save money.  But many don’t like have to cut and organize coupons.  With Groupon, there is no cutting, sorting or organization needed.  View it like an electronic coupon that you can redeem right from your phone.  And we’re just talking store coupons, but venues, restaurants, salons and even spas.


I have bought many Groupon deals over the years.  Even when traveling.  But I buy most from  Health, Beauty & Wellness Deals.  From hair cuts, highlights, foils and spa mani/pedi deals.  Every time I have always been more than happy with the service.  We have all heard the jokes about haircut coupons and the bad results.  No jokes here.  Just beautiful hair.

After a Groupon Color

Did I mention how easy it is to use Groupon?  There is an app you can use right on your phone which makes shopping a breeze.  So much so, that my husband has even bought a few deals for me.  The gift feature makes it simple.  He shops, he pays and the deal goes to my Groupon account.

Groupon On the Go

To redeem you can simply print out your Groupon deal at home or use the app to redeem at the venue.  Click View Voucher and show your host who will then have you click Redeem.  Easy!

To stay connected or to learn more, visit Groupon’s FACEBOOK, TWITTER or their WEBSITE.*


So what do you plan to buy with Groupon?

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