dressing at 40

Being In Your Forties Does Not Mean You Dress Old

We have all seen the headlines.  How you should or should not dress once your certain age.  Critics even go as far as makeup and hair styles that are ‘appropriate.’  My opinion?  Don’t listen to the hype.


As my followers know, I live on Disney channel.  Which includes a lot of tween/teen shows.  Watching these programs I see what is current in fashion.  Now I don’t consider myself a fashionista as I don’t have to have everything current the moment it comes out, but I do see styles I like.  Many times I see outfits that I want.  Now mind you, I not talking about the tight clothing or mid-riff showing tops.  Why?  Well, I don’t have the body type for dressing like that.  If you do, I say go for it.


dressing at 40

Lab Rats: Elite Force cast

How one dresses should be about body type and not age.  Age is just a number and I know some 40 something-year-olds that look better than some women in their 20’s.  These women can rock an outfit.   But these women also dress for the body type.


dressing at 40

Photo by: Strictly Bridal


There is a fellow blogger here in Atlanta who is plus sized as myself, and I love her style.  She always looks gorgeous and on point.  The key to her successful look is dressing according to her body type.  She doesn’t wear skin tight or oversized clothing.  But what fits her.  There is no trying to hide her body but embracing it.


dressing at 40



Fashion is always changing and everyone has their own taste. So who really is to say what is right or wrong?  Do you and be comfortable.  For myself, I will buy what I like and love how it looks on.  In fact, the outfit I’m wearing today as I write this is labeled as ‘Teen’ department clothing.  But it all fits my body and I love it.


dressing at 40


Find what inspires you and go with it.  Have fun.  Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Fashion is a personal choice and the choices are endless.


What are some of your favorite styles?  Do you feel pressured to dress a certain way?  

Share your thoughts or advice below. 

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