Raising Funds to Provide Affordable Eyeglasses to the State’s Underserved

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation (The Lighthouse) announces the launch of a GoFundMe capital campaign to fund two Santinelli Lens Edger machines which The Lighthouse uses to produce eyeglasses for Georgians who can’t afford to purchase them. The campaign will be conducted through the month of July 2017.


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Each year, The Lighthouse uses the machines to produce over 7,000 pairs of eyeglasses for underinsured and uninsured Georgians. Each machine’s life cycle is 10 years, and the Lighthouse machines have been operating for more than 20 years with regular repair.


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Most of The Lighthouse customers are underserved children and seniors like TJ and Linda. TJ was born with glaucoma, which was corrected with surgery but left him in need of corrective eyewear. He received glasses from The Lighthouse. Without glasses TJ, and other children with vision problems are in jeopardy of stifling academic performance because vision problems make it difficult to focus on learning. As Linda aged, she had problems reading and driving at night. Obtaining her anti-glare bifocal glasses allowed her to read with ease and renewed her independence enabling her to drive when it was dark.


Lighhouse glasses


“Since these machines are at the end of their life cycle, it’s only a matter of time before they permanently stop working, which will result in months of non-production and impact thousands of Georgians,” said David Martin, The Lighthouse’s Optician.


Lighhouse glasses


About Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation has clinic locations throughout the state and provides vision and hearing services through education, detection, prevention, and treatment. Collaborative partnerships enable greater independence and increased quality of life for Georgians in financial need. The Lighthouse customers in need of eyewear are eligible for an eye exam and glasses every two years and pay between $3 and $5 for basic single vision and plastic-lined bifocals. It currently takes 4-6 weeks to turnaround an order. Last year more than 7,091 pair of eyeglasses were produced. lionslighthouse.org


To Donate and/or learn more, visit https://lionslighthouse.org/donate/gofundme/


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