Interview With Randi Fleckenstein of Hip Hop Nutcracker

Interview With Randi Fleckenstein of

Hip Hop Nutcracker


This time of year, we enjoy productions of The Nutcracker.  There are many companies and versions to enjoy.  A crowd favorite is the production of Hip Hop Nutcracker which travels across the county.  In fact, my readers in both Atlanta and Boston can enjoy the show!  I shared details of the show as well as a Ticket Giveaway for The Fox Theatre in Atlanta.



Have you ever wondered what goes into making the show?  How much time do the dancers put in?  What inspires them?  The Autism Diva had a chance to talk with Randi Fleckenstein and ask these questions.  Randi is an assistant choreographer as well as an ensemble cast member.




Randi Fleckenstein Interview

Q: How long have you been dancing? 

A: I have been dancing for 10 years. I started late compared to many others.

Q: How does dance inspire you? 

A: Dance inspires me in many ways. It’s an outlet for whatever I am thinking, feeling, whatever I have gone through that day, whatever I am celebrating. It’s such an amazing way to express. And it inspires me to keep exploring who I am individually. What makes me unique, what makes me, me.

Q: What type of dance do you practice/train? 

A: I am a hip hop kid at heart, but I have specifically trained in breaking (bboy/bgirl), house, popping, whacking and a bit of locking.

Q: Do you have a favorite dancer? Who? 

A: There are far too many amazing dancers to just pick one! And so many different styles. But I would say one of the dancers I really really admire for not only how he dances, but how he approaches dance and incorporates his life experiences into it is Bboy Remind. I am also a big big fan of Link (Henry Link), who is part of Elite Force and Mop Top and has been a part of hip hop from the start.

Q: Have you ever been injured? If yes when, how and did it affect you?

A: I have been injured a number of times, but the most serious injury was actually what led me to dance professionally. I used to play soccer at a very high level. But in my junior year of high school, I dislocated my knee. I wasn’t able to be recruited for a college team and stopped playing soccer. Once I had recovered, however, I had the time to pursue dance and found a crew to dance with. And the rest is history!

Q: What can you advice to does people who would like to dance this type of dance?

A: Train often! You have to put time into developing your dance. There is technique to hip hop just as much as there is technique in classical styles, so research, be open to learning. And most importantly, PLAY! Explore, enjoy, dance with other people. Hip Hop is a social dance meant to bring people together, so find your crew and HAVE FUN!

Q: What do you think is the key to success? 

A: Persistence and passion are the keys to success. I truly believe you need each of these equally!


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Hip Hop Nutcracker





Interview With Randi Fleckenstein


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