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  • Technology and Accessibility Gives Many Independence Thanks To Xfinity

Technology and Accessibility Gives Many Independence Thanks To Xfinity

Technology and Accessibility Gives Many Independence Thanks To Xfinity

Sponsored Post by Xfinity

While Autism Awareness is something we live every day, I love meeting with different brands and individuals who are helping those of us in this community.  This week I was given the chance to attend a local Comcast #Xfinity event and even though I have been on this journey for 9 years now, I had a lightbulb moment.


Xfinity Accessibility


Xfinity is a name well known when it comes to meeting your at home entertainment needs.  Before moving back to Massachusetts Comcast was the only service we used. From the high-speed internet, mobile phones and of course cable streaming services.  And while these products are amazing from a technology point of view, they are truly life changing for some individuals.


During the Xfinity event, we had the opportunity to get familiar with a few of their products:   X1 voice remote, Home Security, and Xfinity Mobile.  But what was different were the stories about these everyday services and how they have truly made a difference in someone’s life.  Such as the Voice Remote.  While many just feel this is a cool feature to have, a co-worker shared how their father has Parkinson’s disease and otherwise wouldn’t be able to work a regular remote.


Being that April is Autism Awareness Month, Comcast stepped up to the plate in shining a light on Autism and how Xfinity has made a difference.  First, for the month, Comcast has created an Autism On Demand folder to help bring awareness and its impact on families.  Simply say “autism awareness month” with the X1 voice remote or On Demand in Life-Highlights-Autism Awareness.  The folder is filled with suggested shows like The Good Doctor, Sesame Street, and even personal stories.


Xfinity Accessibility


Once such story was that of Anne and her son Jake.  Anne is an employee of Comcast who would regularly share her story which would lead to discussions and sharing of ideas.  So Comcast decided to record her story in connection with Xfinity Accessibility team.  I choked back tears a few times watching as I know many of her fears and feelings all too well.  But this was also my ‘lightbulb’ moment with how we can use the Home Security system beyond just keeping strangers out.



Anne was a joy to meet and talk to in person.  We chatted about our boys and of course about using the home security inside the home.  I don’t know where Lil Man will be at 26 but I love stories like her’s and Jakes that give hope.


Xfinity Home really has you completely covered.  Being customizable with camera feeds, you can go beyond just watching who is at your front door but what is going on in your home.  Even for those with children not on the spectrum, this can give parents great peace of mind.  If you have to work and the kids come home from school, you can actually see them walk in the door!  And if you have to worry about your kid being a wanderer, you can get alerts that tell you exactly what door or window was opened.  Vital information when every second counts.


Xfinity Accessibility


Of course, I also have a soon to be a teenager who lives on her cell phone like so many kids these days.  And without the right plan, that can add up to a very large bill.  But Comcast has you covered there too.  Xfinity Mobile is available to all Xfinity internet customers and includes up to 5 lines of unlimited talk and text.  No more data issues or overages.


Xfinity Accessibility


Comcast has always been a brand we were loyal to.  The fact that you can get all your needs met with one company and one bill is super convenient and now learning about the Accessibility Team and Comcast Cares programs, I highly recommend Xfinity to everyone.


Has your opinion of Comcast Xfinity changed?


Accessibility xfinity


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