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winter blues

Tips On How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Beat The Winter Blues With A Staycation   The holidays are over and the temperature is falling.  Some days it seems like even a pot of coffee can’t get you out of bed never mind through the day.  And speaking of days, they are shorter and darker.     As someone who struggles with depression,…

Creative Discovery

Creative Discovery Museum, Know Before You Go

Creative Discovery Museum, Know Before You Go   Creative Discovery Museum-Children’s Museum of Chattanooga As a numerous Trip Advisor winner, and rated one of the premier hands-on children’s museums in the region; we had to stop and play during our visit to Chattanooga at Creative Discovery.     The kids could have spent the entire…

8 of 73 Print all In new window New Hampshire is Open for Skiing and Riding

New Hampshire is Open for Skiing Season

New Hampshire is Open for Skiing Season   Bretton Woods ski area kicked off the 2017-18 winter season in New Hampshire on Friday, November 10, 2017. A major drop in temperatures earlier in the week allowed this ski area and many others to begin making snow after a warmer than average autumn.     Bretton Woods,…

Worcester’s EcoTarium Upcoming Fall Events

Worcester’s EcoTarium Upcoming Fall Events EcoTarium is the science and nature museum in New England.  In fact, prior to 1998 EcoTarium was called New England Science Center.  While the name is different the mission to stick to its roots in the natural sciences with a focus on hands-on exploration and discovery is stronger than ever.  Here is a breakdown to help…

Autism Friendly Theme Park Tips

  While having a child with autism is never easy, I am glad that I didn’t have to deal with this challenge even forty years ago.  Years past children with disabilities were basically kept at home and almost hidden.  The thought of travel was unheard of.  But today things have drastically changed.   Don’t get me wrong,…

Dr Seuss

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss, Know Before You Go

  “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr Suess   Most of us grew up reading Dr. Suess and while they were entertaining for us as children, the stories can actually be life lessons too.  Take the quote above.  It can motivate you…