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Anaheim Hotel Makes Live A Little Easier For Those With Autism

We have never been to Anaheim or anywhere in California, although it is on the bucket list.  And after reading about Sheraton Park Hotel near Disneyland, I hope you too will want to travel there.


I’ve touched on how when it comes to traveling, autism families do have much more on their plate.  Personally just packing is stressful as I have to pack a bunch of extra things for Lil Man.  Special cups with straws, toys, lots of string and pull-ups.  Lil Man is still not fully potty trained and due to his size, we have to use a specific brand which means if I run out it may not be so easy to just run out for more.  This means I pack way more than we ever use.  Or if there is a pool, need swim diapers.


Sheraton autism travel


Extra luggage and planning is a small price to pay in order for my family to experience life and travel.  But more individuals are becoming more understanding of the difficulties and challenges families with autism face and are making it easier for us.  For example, instead of having to pack many of these extras, what if the hotel had them available?


Sheraton autism travel

Sheraton Website

Sheraton Park Hotel did just this and more with their Member of Autism Care Services.

  • A behavioral therapist was brought in to train the staff.
  • The hotel’s restaurant menu added gluten- and casein-free offerings and was stocked with special adaptive plates, utensils and sippy cups.
  • The front desk now offers, for free, iPads and tablets, a weighted vest and exercise balls.
  • In the gift shop, adult diapers, swim diapers, floaties and other supplies are available for purchase.
  • Prior to checking in, the hotel surveys families with autistic children for their needs and room preference. Accommodations are made so they don’t wait in long lines.
  • The hotel also offers over-sized stroller rentals and a sitting service that specializes in autism spectrum disorder care for parents who want a date night.

Add the fact that they DISNEYLAND® Resort Good Neighbor Hotel and I’m ready to hop on a plane right now.  Other amenities include a family pool, fitness center, and Park 55 Café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Sheraton autism travel

Sheraton website


“This concept was presented to us by 16-year-old Alexander, a thoughtful young man who has a brother with ASD,” said Ian Gee, general manager of the Sheraton Park Hotel. “We embraced his vision recognizing the need for a program of this kind. His brother, Maximillian, was introduced to the hotel team during staff training, and both brothers were ultimately our first guests of this program. We have named our program in honor of Max.”


Guests wishing to take advantage of this specialized MAX Program may call 1-800-325-3535 and ask for the MAX Program Rate. A hotel associate will follow up with a personal call to introduce the program details and note specific needs of the family.


The Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort

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Do you travel as an autism family?  Do you plan to do more?



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