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It’s Back To School season.  Which means back to school shopping, which behind Holiday shopping, is polled as one the most expensive times of the year.  Not to mention stressful if you like me, has a tween/teen to shop with.


Top Cash Back to School

Before you pull your hair out, wave the white flag or break open that 3rd bottle of wine; here are some money saving tips.

  • Buy gently-used clothes. Thrift/consignment stores can you lots of money.  And even a few fights.  A friend just went to the mall with her 12-year-old and it was all out war shopping for clothes.  Nothing was bought.  A last minute trip to Goodwill resulted in a shopping cart full of clothes the daughter loved and a wonderfully low price mom loved.
  • Check what you may already have on hand.  I usually stash the end of the year left over supplies in a bin and even add to the pile as I see sales or just something the kids really want.  Hey, even one less box of pencils is sanity saved; right?
  • Buy a quality backpack.  I have several friends who swear by this.  By spending just a little more one time, you can save for a few more years.  One friend of mine still has and uses her last backpack bought in High School.
  • Shopping After School Has Started.  If you can hold off a week or two for most of the supplies, wait till then and you’ll enjoy crowd-free clearance deals all to yourself.   
  • Lunches.  We always buy a leak-proof that can be filled with water at school instead of juice boxes.  I also stock up on zip-lock bags or use small containers for snacks instead of buying the pre-packed stuff.  Still get portion control but cheaper and more of what your kids really like, vs variety packs and Lunchables.
  • Check ads for sales.  Even if you normally do not get a Sunday paper, this is the time to buy one and check the circulars each week to find the best sales on school supplies.
  • Get Cash Back.


Besides money saving, did you know you can actually make money back-to-school shopping?  Let me tell you about Top Cashback where you earn easy money online. Browse. Shop. Get Cashback.  You can choose from over 4000 retailers on the site and there is never a fee. You get back %100 of your commission.

As you, my readers know, we are big Disney fans here.  So I did some back-to-school shopping with Top Cashback and Disney Store.

The first step is to join, which is very easy:


top cash back to school


Once in, you see how clearly marked the menu options are.  I recommended going in and finishing your profile and completing you payout choices so it is done and set (and of course you can change/edit at any time).


top cash back to school


Once you’re ready to shop, you can search by the menu headings or enter your choice in the search bar.


top cash back to school

top cash back to school


Here you see what I call the bonus screen.  Instead of taking you straight to, I was brought to this page here which will list what you requested, similar pages, and ANY discount/saving codes.  Yup!  Not only will you get cash back, but you will save off your purchase.  As you can see above, DisneyStore is currently offering 5% cash back and if you click on (as of 8/7/17).  Here you click on the red CASHBACK button:


top cash back to school


The next page will show you any coupon codes that you can add to your cash back:


top cash back to school

Just click on the code you want and you will then be taken to your site of choice where you would shop as normal:

top cash back to school


This is where I had fun looking for back to school gear and clothes.  Lil Man is an avid CARS fan so I shopped for him with some fun CARS themed supplies.

top cash back to school


As you start to check out, if you picked a coupon code, enter the code in the promo field ( you can copy and paste right from the Top Cashback page):


top cash back to school


You can see the free shipping code applied:


top cash back to school


Once you complete your purchase you are done.  For turnaround time to see your funds, I got the following message:


top cash back to school


Presently I just wait to receive my order and to see the money in my account.  Simple and free money!  There are over 4,000 retailers who you can choose from and there is no minimum to for pay outs.  My only dilemma now is to a pay out or leave it to build/buy more?


I have found Top Cashback to be ‘The Most Generous Cash Back & Coupons Site.’ Have you used Top Cashback?  

Do you want to do your school shopping with Top Cashback? Just click HERE and start shopping and earning. 


top cashback back to school


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