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I am a wife and stay at home mom to two awesome kiddos.  Born and raised in New England (equal years in Rhode Island & Massachusetts).  My husband is from GA and we lived in metro Atlanta for 10 years, but happy to be back home as family means a lot to me.  We’ve been married since May 2000 and believe in the vow to death do us part. We instill a love of family and God in our children. And yes, we are a multi-racial family.

We love to travel and visit new venues.  The freedom to turn these adventures to learning experiences has been beneficial especially with our Autistic son. I have become an advocate for Autism and Special Needs through our journey and even a Dance Mom with my daughter’s career.

I have a huge Disney obsession and you will see related posts often.  I also love Coffee and a good glass of wine.

As an Influencer, I have mastered the ever-changing and growing audience of social media. Having worked with a number of different brands, I’ve helped with their campaigns using my influence and trust to bring them to my audience.  Content specified to support their endeavors, adventures and experienced all from a social media standpoint.

I additionally work as a professional blogger, freelance writer, and ghostwriter.  Check out our Work With Me section to find out how I can help you create high-quality content for your business.


Places I’ve Been Published:


The Husband 

HusbandSet featured image

Meet hubby.  We’ve been married since May 2000 and have our shares of ups and downs but through it all, he remains the rock of this family.  He works hard to provide and makes it possible for myself to be home with the kids.  Hubby is a sports and beer kind of guy and of course, loves tech gadgets with a background in Coding and Management.


The Diva












Meet DIVA.  She is our oldest at 13 years old.  DIVA has proven time and again to be mature beyond her years.  She is bright and caring.  Not to mention an awesome big sister to her special needs little brother.  DIVA loves to dance and dreams of being an entertainer or teacher.


Lil Man

Lil Man










Meet Lil Man.  He is the Autism of this page and my inspiration in so many ways.  Lil Man never ceases to amaze me and has grown up over the last few years and is now 10.  Although he does not speak, he is the sweetest kid you will ever meet with an awesome personality that shines through.  While I don’t know what the future will hold for this guy, I know he will succeed.

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