Are Our ASD Kids Safe In Schools?

Are Our ASD Kids Safe In Schools?

Times have changed just since I was in school.  I remember in High School having bomb threats but we never thought we were in danger as it was always just a prank.  Go back 7 years ago and my own child was in a similar situation.  But not in High School.  Nope, she was only in Kindergarten. Who threatens an elementary school?  They are just babies!


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I wish I could say things have gotten better, but the truth of the matter it has gotten worse.  Bombs have become real.  Guns are entering our schools among fellow students, parents, educators – not just strangers.  Yes, some of this is not new but seems like monthly we see something on the news.


While these stories are horrible I am sickened by another epidemic facing our schools.  Our most vulnerable are being targeted by a threat from within.  From those that are supposed to protect, nurture and even accept our children are in fact abusing and neglecting our special needs kids.


safe schools


For those who have been following our story for a while may remember when I faced some of these very issues with my own son.  After 3 months of issues, I had to make a choice and be his voice. 


In Georgia, I feel like every week there is another special needs kid who is being abused or even killed!  There have been special needs kids left on the bus in the heat all day.  Another child who was supposed to be in after-school care was mistakingly put on a bus and dropped off at home alone!  He sat on his porch for 3 hours in the heat as with his autism, he couldn’t understand the need to go for help or able to speak his needs.


In fact, the history of this issue is horrifying!  Here are but just a small sample of articles:

    1. 2 Atlanta educators caught on video beating non-verbal, special needs students in the classroom
    2. How rampant is special needs abuse in Ga. schools?
    3. Georgia teacher who knocked 4-year-old special needs boy to ground charged with child cruelty
    4. Schools Are Criminalizing Children with Autism, and the Reason Is Concerning-FLORIDA
    5. Kids with disabilities, behavior problems illegally segregated in Georgia


While our family has moved across county to get away from the lack of support in Georgia (Can read more at Autism Services In New England: Good or Bad? ) it doesn’t mean I don’t still want change in Georgia and everywhere for our kiddos.  Things NEED to change!  And it’s not just from those in charge but even among their peers.


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Recently I came across the story of Jace in OH.  He had been repeatedly bullied by his peers, and though the school was made aware of the situation, they didn’t do much about it. “They investigate,” said Jace’s mom, Shayna Brumbalough. “And then, I don’t hear much. They say ‘we’ll take care of it.’”


Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, stories like this are all too common in our schools.  But for Jace, his abusers almost killed him! On February 27th, Jace was heading for his locker at the end of the day.  Two classmates approached and despite Jace saying “hi” to them, he was threatened.  One of the bullies choked him with his hands at first and then proceeded to lock his arm around Jace’s throat.  Soon, Jace blacked out.


safe schools


The two students who were involved have been found and will face charges. Meanwhile, Jace’s parents made an all too familiar choice to pull him out of school for good and are planning to have him homeschooled.


Our children should have the education that every child deserves.  We as parents should have peace of mind knowing that our kids are safe and their needs are being met.  But none of this will happen if we don’t all speak up and demand change.


Has your child or a child you know been through a similar situation?  What was the outcome?









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