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Best Strollers That Meet The New Requirements For

Disney Parks


Disney is a place of magic and dreams coming true.  But sometimes you have to do a little planning ahead to be sure everyone does, in fact, have a good time.  For example, no parent wants to walk or stand in the heat carrying their child all day.  Or what about an afternoon nap for the little one?  Or as with our first family visit, on the medical needed side, where the stroller was Lil Man’s way of blocking out the crowds and noise.  His stroller was his safe place and he was happy as a clam.


Best strollers for Disney


Besides the no wagon rule, Disney has been very flexible with the type of strollers used in their parks.  They even allowed Stroller Wagons which have been a favorite among many families, especially in the special needs community.  And I don’t blame them.  5 point safety harness, a large canopy, cup holders, phone holders…this is the Cadillac of strollers!


New Stroller Limits

But on March 28, 2019, Disney announced new stroller size restrictions effective May 1, 2019, for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Stroller wagons like the Veer and Keenz will be banned entirely. Some jumbo strollers and double strollers will no longer be permitted either. Strollers must now be no larger than 31 inches wide by 52 inches long.


Strollers At Disney


This has caused a bit of an uproar but again, with proper planning, you can find what will work for your family to have a great day in the parks.


The Simple Way

When we went on our first family trip as you can see in the above pictures, we just brought a simple umbrella stroller.  There are no bells or whistles to this but is super light, easy to fold and small to maneuver through crowds and lines.  The cost of these can be less than $20 so if it gets lost or damaged, it isn’t a huge loss.


Of course, the cons are you don’t have a place for all your stuff.  There is usually a small ‘basket’ on the bottom but due to weight if you try to use the handlebars and your child gets out, your stroller flips over.


strollers at disney

Target currently has this adorable Mickey Mouse Canopy Umbrella Stroller


We planned around the cons but everyone had their own small bag or backpack.  Mine was a little heavier as I had all of Lil Man’s stuff (diapers, wipes, snacks, drinks, etc.) but I kept it manageable.  We also went to guest services once we enter the park to get the DAS and the Stroller As Wheelchair tag.  This allowed us to wheel Lil Man right up to the rides and not have to get out while in lines.  And being such a small stroller it worked amazingly!


A Step Above Anything But Simple

If you want a little more than a basic umbrella stroller than these might be just for you.

  • Maclaren Mark II  Lightest of the pack and great for travel.
  • Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller More cost friendly but still has essentials.
  • JOOVY New Groove Ultralight  Can fully recline!  This will serve your child from 3mths to the 55lb limit.
  • Summer Infant 3Dlite Has four reclining positions, extra-large storage basket, and a cup holder.
  • UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller  50+ UPF sunshade,  cup-holder, four-point suspension, and only 10 pounds!
  • Zoe XL2 Best  Double stroller weighs only 16 pounds and even has a narrow 30-inch width. Seats recline and even comes with a bag.
  • Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller  This one is a little more on the cost side but with car seat adaptor and a deep recline, the Nano might become your new everyday stroller.
  • Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit and Stand model with an optional second seat.


strollers at Disney Parks

Tips for Strollers Inside  Disney Parks

Now that you picked your stroller, here are some need to know basics for once your inside the parks.

  1. Stroller Parking.  Each ride and show will have designated stroller parking areas.  You will have to leave your stroller there unless you have the Wheelchair tag mentioned earlier for special needs.
  2. Cast Members Will Move Your Stroller.  It can be hard to find your stroller after the show or ride as cast members do rearrange the strollers.  This is not to make life harder for you but to help keep this from being clogged or blocking.  Many families have tied ribbons or balloons to help mark their strollers so to spot them easier in the crowd.

strollers at Disney Parks

Renting A Stroller

If you still are not sure about buying a stroller you can always rent one.  Disney parks for strollers for rent right inside the gates.  But I will admit the price can add up quick especially if you are staying for multiple days.


strollers at Disney Parks


A way to save is to use a Rental company that can deliver the stroller right to your resort at the bellhop desk.  Other vendors can deliver to a Disney owned resort, but they will have to make arrangements to meet you and personally deliver the rental items.

The 3 vendors are:

  1. Orlando Stroller Rentals
  2. Kingdom Strollers
  3. Magic Strollers

Again, these vendors are approved by Disney to have access to the Walt Disney World properties without having to meet the guest for delivery.  Other companies claim they are but always verify with Disney Parks directly.


Do you have a stroller you love for use at the Disney Parks?  Please share in the comments.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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