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Oka-B Shoes Warehouse Sale November 3rd

Oka-B Shoes Warehouse Sale November 3rd   It’s November which means we are only days away from what is sure to be my favorite sale of the season.  Oka-B shoes are my go-to brand.  They are durable and very comfortable and most important for me, they fit!  After being pregnant with Lil Man my feet seem…

Healthy Skin With Goat Milk Soap

Healthy Skin With Goat Milk Soap Fall is here and with that comes pumpkin everything, leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, drier air, and dry skin.  Goats Milk was suggested as a cure but I wondered, can it really work?     Every year without fail, as soon as the temperature starts to drop; my hands…

dressing at 40

Being In Your Forties Does Not Mean You Dress Old

We have all seen the headlines.  How you should or should not dress once your certain age.  Critics even go as far as makeup and hair styles that are ‘appropriate.’  My opinion?  Don’t listen to the hype.   As my followers know, I live on Disney channel.  Which includes a lot of tween/teen shows.  Watching…

Summer hair care tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer brings thoughts of pools, beaches, longer days, warm weather and not so popular; hair issues.  We all know how the sun is harmful to our skin. But it’s also just as harsh on our hair.   Humidity brings frizz, the chlorine from the pools can dry your hair out or even change its color….

2017 Spring Consignment Sales

I’m late in looking up Spring sales as some have already finished.  But there are still many coming up and I can’t wait.  Consignment shopping is a great way to save money and get the kids clothes they need and even brand names. I always do great shopping at these sales.  There have even been…

Out Of Darkness and Into Light

It is now 2017 and many are thinking about life changes, goals and resolutions.  From losing weight, finding a new job, traveling more or even to quite a bad habit. While I do not do resolutions, I have been thinking.  A lot of thinking.  December was a very dark month for me.  Both my depression…

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