iCoffee Opus New Technology Brewer

iCoffee Opus New Technology Brewer

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Imagine a cup of coffee from a single serve brewer with the same smooth, rich flavor that comes from America’s favorite multi-cup SteamBrew machine.





Remington, the maker of iCoffee SteamBrew, has made this dream a reality with the new iCoffee Opus single-serve brewing system. This product, allows users to enjoy a smoother, better-tasting cup of coffee from any K-Cup or K-type cup.

  • Taste: iCoffee Opus uses SpinBrew technology to spin, steam and stir coffee grounds inside the single serve pod, releasing maximum flavor and minimizing acidic or bitter aftertaste.
  • Convenience: iCoffee Opus brews 10 ounces in less than a minute.
  • Compatibility: iCoffee Opus works with all varieties of K-Cup, RealCup, One Cup and private label cups.
  • Customization: iCoffee Opus features Dial-a-Brew technology, allowing you to brew any size cup between 4 and 12 ounces in .5-ounce increments. When determining your desired beverage strength, we recommend that you start with an 8-ounce cup and adjust from there. If you like a stronger brew, simply choose a smaller beverage size. For a milder brew, choose a larger beverage size.
  • Sustainability: iCoffee Opus features an Energy Saver Mode and is compatible with iCoffee’s own iCup Reusable, a reusable cup allowing users to enjoy the freedom of choosing their own coffee grounds and resulting in fewer single serve cups in local landfills.


iCoffee believes that you will find the coffee produced from iCoffee’s single serve brewing system to be faster than fast, hotter than hot, and smoother than smooth – it is the flavor coffee lovers have come to expect from iCoffee with the convenience of a single-serve machine.  In fact, iCoffee recently engaged the Ohio State University Sensory Science Group to compare the differences in taste and flavor, aftertaste and aroma between coffee brewed using the iCoffee Opus, which you recently received, and the Keurig 2.0 K560.



After multiple tests conducted by a panel of highly-trained Descriptive Analysis experts using Starbucks House Blend K-Cups, the results were clear:

Flavor and Taste: iCoffee presented more were woody/cinnamon and more chocolate/dark cocoa flavors, while those of the Keurig were more ashy/burnt, more astringent, sourer and more bitter with a thicker mouth-feel.
Aftertaste: iCoffee Opus left testers with a pleasant nutty, woody/cinnamon and chocolate/dark cocoa aftertaste, whereas the Keurig left testers with a more ashy/burnt, more bitter, more astringent and sourer aftertaste.
Aroma: iCoffee presented a pleasant woody/cinnamon aroma, compared to the more ashy/burnt aroma of coffee from the Keurig brewer.
What does this mean? Simply put, experts agree: iCoffee’s SpinBrew Needle Technology brews coffee that tastes smoother with a more pleasant aftertaste and aroma than Keurig with their stationary needle method.


Keep an eye out for new iCoffee models – specifically the Express and the DaVinci – hitting the market in early 2015. These models will offer variations on the features offered by Opus while delivering the same expert-verified SpinBrew Needle Technology. iCoffee is committed to providing a steady stream of innovative, “game-changing” products, which they would like you to consider reviewing as they believe these products will interest both you and your audience.



I have been using my personal iCoffee Opus and I love it.  I was skeptical about just how much the SpinBrew could be different and better than a traditional brew.  While the speed is not any faster than my Keurig, it is hotter and has a more fresh flavor no matter what brand coffee I use.

The iCoffee runs very similar to the Keurig and can, in fact, use Keurig Coffee Pods. It also includes a reusable cup to fill with your favorite ground coffee. But the newer Keurig 2.0 machines only allow their K-Cups to be used via a reader which hurts those folks who want to use their own grind.

The iCoffee Opus would make a great gift for any coffee drinker or maybe even yourself for the new year!


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