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Welcome! Why should you consider working with us at The Autism Diva?  We would love to work with you as we are looking to connect with brands committed to special needs, family life and entertainment and travel.  A media kit is available upon request. We abide by Google Terms of Service and disclose all relationships according to FTC good practices.


  • Family
  • Food, Restaurants
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Disney
  • Health
  • DIY/Home

Services Offered  

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Hotel & Travel Reviews
  • Attraction & Venue Reviews
  • Ambassadorship
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertising/Virtual Assistant
  • Video: Social File & YouTube
  • Content: Blog Post & Extended Narrative
  • Giveaways


I love attending events and spreading the word.  My outgoing personality allows me to be at ease even among those I do not know and spread the word through social media channels and blog posts.  We especially love attending and reviewing local Metro Atlanta Events such as entertainment venues, & shows, as well as museums & children attractions!


As a homeschooling family, we all love to travel and take advantage of life experiences to add to the learning.  We (or I)  can come to your City, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Cruise Ship, Beach, and beside live sharing, reviews will be promptly returned.

Our reviews are not just a rating but a story.  A true personal experience where we share why your venue is worth the visit.  Great photos and even kid’s view all make for a true promotional review for our readers to want to get up and go themselves.

Social Media:

For our clients, in addition to writing up a review we also promote sponsored ads, reviews, and giveaways throughout social media:

Conference Sponsorship

Posts before the event to generate buzz and attention.  Live posts and tweets to mention sponsors and event-related information.


Product Review Requirements:

The Autism Diva will only review family friendly items. Item for review cannot be returned and all shipping costs will be covered by the sponsor. Giveaways are welcomed! Sponsor is responsible for shipping the giveaway item to the winner. Sponsors will be provided additional promotion of the giveaway through social media such as Twitter & Facebook during the duration of the giveaway.   Any specific requirements of photo usage must be communicated to me prior to the agreement. Unfortunately, sometimes I may come across a product review that is not very positive however my reviews are done honestly.  If I feel I will have a negative review, this will be communicated to the sponsor.  I reserve the right to withhold from posting a review. Depending on the review, turn around time will run approximately 3 – 6 weeks for completion. If the sponsor has a specific deadline, please communicate ahead of time to ensure your requirement can be met.


Advertising & Sponsored Posts 
Prices start at $15 for a simple tweet, up to $500 for sponsored brand posts. Guest posts are allowed, for a $75 fee that includes promotion via social media. Feel free to email me and we can discuss pricing that works for both parties. I want to work with you!


Brand Ambassadorship
If you’re interested in offering a brand ambassadorship, we will consider all requests but will only participate in products and services we can support and relate to.




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