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Welcome! Why should you consider working with us at The Autism Diva?  We would love to work with you as we are looking to connect with brands committed to special needs, family life and entertainment and travel.  A media kit is available upon request. We abide by Google Terms of Service and disclose all relationships according to FTC good practices.

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Get To Know Us

  • We live between two major cities, Boston MA and Providence RI.
  • We lived in Atlanta for over 10 years and still have family there and strong ties with the city.
  • We are a bi-racial family.  The husband and I are in our early 40’s with our readership range 25-65.
  • The DIVA is our daughter who has loved the stage since she was two and is now a teenager.  Lil Man is 10, non-verbal but thriving in MA.
  • With the move to Massachusetts, both kids went back to public school after homeschooling for 5 years.
  • With the husband working in the Mobile/Tech industry, we are a very technology-oriented family.  Especially when it comes to making our lives easier and even our kids safer.
  • Eating healthy and trying new recipes is not just what we do, but enjoy.  DIVA is about to enter a highly sort-after school and take part in the culinary program.
  • We also have a newborn in the family.  My brother and his wife just had their first child and live only 5 minutes away and we would love to partner with companies for baby/kid campaigns.


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  • Since autism is such a big part of our lives and with the numbers growing every year, we share our personal experiences and thoughts.
  • While we attend many events with Lil Man, some can be hard for him.  Sensory-Friendly ones make it less stressful and more enjoyable for him and others.  We share such events in our Monthly Guide.
  • Therapies, Doctors and even support groups are a huge part of autism.  There are many options out there but sometimes hard to find.  This is where I have found it is who you know and what they know.  I always wanted a database where everything was listed and since there wasn’t one, I started one with our Autism Resource Guide.

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  • Our entire family loves to travel.  Both our kids have been flying since they were infants and enjoy it.  Even with autism, travel is not just possible but fun.  It allows for real-life experiences, improves social communication skills, boosts confidence, and allows you to create great memories.
  • Exploring locally with day trips is also a great way to experience life and add to the kids learning.
  • Our reviews are not just a rating but a story.  A true personal experience where we share why your venue is worth the visit.  Great photos and even a kid’s view all make for a true promotional review.
  • We are always open to traveling to new, exciting places as a family.  If you are a hotel, resort, condo, AirBnB, cabin, restaurant, or tour operator we would love to cover you.



work with us


Atlanta & Boston Blogger

  • Atlanta is where I started this journey and New England is where I was born and raised. So, you get duel coverage and knowledge.
  • We are well established in the Atlanta Georgia community and continue to work with our partners.  Both with our own visits and with the help of our assistant publisher.
  • Growing up in the little state of Rhode Island has left me with many experiences and now new ones as we rediscover New England with our own children.
  • We work with many local area CVB’s, attractions, restaurants, and events.


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Services Offered

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Hotel & Travel Reviews
  • Attraction & Venue Reviews
  • Ambassadorship
  • Product Reviews
  • Advertising/Virtual Assistant
  • Video: Social File & YouTube
  • Content: Blog Post & Extended Narrative
  • Giveaways

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Please contact us for current advertising rates and various short/long term partnership options.

Brand Ambassadorship

If you’re interested in offering a brand ambassadorship, we will consider all requests but will only participate in products and services we can support and relate to.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about advertisement rates, feel free to contact us by email.


Updated April 2019

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