MegaBugs spring up in Atlanta


MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters coming to Stone Mountain Park this Spring


Spring means warmer weather, being outdoors and bugs!  We’re talking MEGABUGS!  But don’t worry about the bug spray.  The bugs we have in mind are MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters new this year to Stone Mountain Park.


MegaBugs Spring in atlanta


Stone Mountain Park will start spring break with the addition of 70 new exhibits of larger-than-life insects. MEGABUGS! Adventure Encounters is an immersive and interactive area for “bugologists” of any age to explore.


MegaBugs Spring in atlanta


“As the state’s most visited attraction, Stone Mountain Park is constantly looking for something new or different to keep visitors across the region and around the world coming back for more,” said Michael Dombrowski, vice president, and general manager. “This new themed area is the perfect environment for families to enjoy time together and learn about nature.”


MegaBugs Spring in Atlanta


MEGABUGS! brings park visitors face-to-face with to name a few:

  • 15-foot emperor dragonfly
  • 26-foot Madagascar hissing cockroach
  • 50-foot Madagascan fire millipede
  • honey bees
  • butterflies
  • ladybugs and many other species.


Children and adults can work together to explore and identify 70 different species.  Many featuring the individual sounds and movements that make these insects unique members of the animal kingdom. Visitors are invited to crawl like a spider, fly like a bee and dig like an ant as they interact with colossal crawlers along winding paths.


MegaBugs Spring in Atlanta


Admission is included with an All-Attractions Pass or Mountain Membership.  MEGABUGS! will remain at Stone Mountain Park for a limited engagement through the 2019 season. Ticket discounts and parking can be found online at


Megabugs spring in Atlatna


The new attraction debuts during Spring MEGA FUN Break from March 30 to April 7 which will also feature the seasonal return of popular attractions and entertainment including:

  • SkyHike
  • Geyser Towers
  • Summit Skyride
  • Scenic Railroad
  • 4D Theater
  • Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision
  • Guests will also enjoy high-energy performances from the Olate Dogs—season 7 winners of America’s Got Talent.


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