Critically Acclaimed Film WONDER the First Live-Action US Film to Have American Sign Language Interpretation


Movies are something many enjoy.  It allows us to escape.  To feel something and connect.  Movies are a commonplace of our lives.  But for some, being able to watch a movie is anything but enjoyable.


What if you are visional or hearing impaired?  Going to the movies can be challenging for people with hearing loss. The soundtrack is often deafeningly loud but the dialogue is too soft, making it hard to follow the plot.  And what if you are deaf and rely on sign language?  Then options become almost zero.


Actiview Interpretation


After a friend was unable to enjoy a movie because the accessibility device he needed ran out of batteries in the middle of the film. Alex Koren developed Actiview.  Actiview is a mobile app that makes movies and entertainment accessible for people who are Blind / Low Vision, Deaf / Hard of Hearing, and Foreign Language speaking.  And now, Actiview has teamed up with Lionsgate for the first-ever ASL interpretation of a live-action U.S. film.



Lionsgate has teamed up with Actiview, a mobile application company that provides film accessibility solutions for blind, deaf, and foreign language speaking audiences, and Celebrity Deaf Advocate Nyle DiMarco to make the worldwide box office hit WONDER the first live-action US film to have an American Sign Language interpretation available for viewing along with the film.


Actiview Interpretation


The Actiview app is designed as a “second-screen” experience, either through headphones or on the user’s phone screen, that allows users to playback audio descriptions, captions, multi-language dubs, and even sign language interpretations of films and shows while they watch on a TV, laptop, or in a theater.


“Lionsgate is committed to making our movies increasingly available and accessible,” said Brian Day, Lionsgate Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re delighted to be working with Nyle and Actiview to make our incredibly moving and heartfelt movie WONDER the first live-action film to ever have American Sign Language available alongside it.”


After winning America’s Next Top Model in 2015 and then becoming a champion on Dancing with the Stars, actor, and model Nyle DiMarco has become a major advocate for the deaf community. His goal in teaming up with Actiview and Lionsgate is to ensure that everyone has equal access to entertainment.


“I am so excited about working with Lionsgate and Actiview to make the inspiring film WONDER accessible to everyone and offer them an ASL viewing option,” said DiMarco. “It allows me to take a huge step forward in my campaign to make increasing accessibility a priority in the TV and film industry.”


Lionsgate is also making the entire Hunger Games series (4 films) accessible via the Actiview app, providing Audio Description, Multi-language Dubs, Subtitles, Captions, and Amplified Audio to all audiences who use the Actiview app.


Actiview Interpretation



Users can watch Wonder (and The Hunger Games) on any available platform and the app will automatically synchronize with their TV. The app “listens” to the movie (similarly to Shazam listening to songs) and figures out where in the movie the viewer is, matching the playback from their device.

Any user will be able to download the app (iOS only) at or by searching “Actiview” in the App Store. They then select the movie they’re watching and the accessibility service they need (Sign Language, Audio Description, etc.).

Wonder follows the inspiring story of the Pullman family, whose youngest child, Auggie, is a boy born with facial differences. When Auggie enters mainstream elementary school for the first time, his extraordinary journey unites his family, his school, and his community, and proves that you can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.


Wonder is available now on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD, and Digital.


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