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Summer Means Life Outdoors

Summer is my favorite season.  I have lots of summertime memories that go back to my childhood and believe it or not, more than half are from our own backyard.  Here in Georgia, we have a longer summer season which means getting, even more, time to enjoy.

Summer means warmer weather and longer days. Perfect for being outdoors no matter what your style is.  You can sit back and relax or be active and enjoy all those outdoor sports.  The choice is up to you.

Living Outdoors

Warm weather to me means being outside as much as possible.  The key for me has been to have a good patio set or some outdoor furniture.  Comfort is what I look for.  I love the look of raw iron and just throw in some cushion seats and I’m good to go.

outdoor summer

A few chairs for relaxing in the sun is also a must.  I don’t have to be lying down but being able to lean back and put my feet up makes for a wonderful day.

I enjoy doing as much as I can outdoors.  From sharing a meal with my family or friends, reading a great book, catching some rays, or unwinding at the end of the day with a good glass of wine.

outdoor summer

When I was still in school, I would even do my homework outside on the deck.  I found I could concentrate more and the fresh air and the sunshine are rejuvenating with many health benefits.


But don’t forget the shade for when the sun is too hot.  A good table umbrella can provide just the perfect amount of protection.  And when it starts to get dark, you can add lights that connect to the underside to create that perfect soft glow.


We also have lights throughout the yard and found tiki torches to be a favorite as they help with bug control too.


summer outdoor living

Photo from Rec Warehouse


Growing up we always had a volleyball net that could also be used for bat mitten.  My parents hosted many get-togethers and in order to play with the adults you had to be good or it was kid free games.  Needless to say, I made sure I could keep up.

Croquet is another cheap and easy game the family can enjoy.  You don’t need a lot of space and can easily clean up the equipment and put it away.  No clutter and your yard will look like nothing ever happened.

With my own kids, we always have a large storage bin of outside toys: like trucks, bubbles, chalk, jump ropes and building blocks.  They can play for hours with no fighting.  And at the end of the day, everything goes back into the bin.  Nothing gets lost, broken or leaves my courtyard a mess.

We also love firepits.  Perfect for cool evenings and the kids enjoy making smores.

summer outdoor living


Water Fun

My brother and I spent every minute we could in the pool as kids.  My parents choose an above ground pool to avoid frogs and snakes as we lived in the country.  It was the perfect size to have a deck to lounge on and big enough to cool off, play pool volleyball and get exercise without feeling like you are.

Even though my brother and I were strong swimmers, we were never allowed to be in the pool unless one of my parents were home.  So the deck was the place to hang out.  I would set up my portable radio (no iPods or cell phones then), plenty of water and just bask in the sun.

The deck was great to enjoy cool summer nights.  My parents would sit with a drink and just relax.    Some mornings I even sat there relaxing with my morning coffee. I would sit listening to the water and feel so at peace.

I also grew up in the Ocean State so water has always been a big part of my life and I try to give my kids the same.  While the ocean is much a further drive being in metro Atlanta, a pool is just as enjoyable.  Even when my kids were young they always had a kid pool to play in and would literally play all day in it.

summer outdoor pool

Photo from Rec Warehouse

With the Georgia heat, a pool is almost a necessity in the summer.  And with a longer warm season, it is ideal for only have about three cold months.

Outdoor Cooking

We have always had a grill and even now, it’s my favorite way to cook.  Thanks to Georgia’s mild winters, I even grill during this time. But I dream of someday having a true outdoor kitchen.

They are beneficial as living here in Georgia it can get really hot during the summer and cooking makes your home feel like an oven.  Cooking outdoors keeps not only your home cooler but you too.  And I don’t just mean temperature wise.  My kids love eating outdoors.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner.  They don’t want to be inside and beg to eat on the patio and love when I let them.

summer outdoor living

Photo from Rec Warehouse

An outdoor kitchen would be so much more than just a grill with an oven and refrigerator right there.  Plenty of prep space and there would be no worrying about going in and out of the house.  Everything in one space and is great when entertaining.

RecWarehouse is a company here in Georgia that can help you enjoy your summer with all your outdoor needs.  They have a wide selection of above-ground pools, hot tubs, outdoor furniture, and outdoor kitchens.

There are three store locations here in Georgia; Norcross, Kennesaw, and Jonesboro.  They welcome you to stop in and look around.  And if you can’t make it in person, visit their website  They even offer free shipping on orders over $50!

What is your perfect way to enjoy the summer? 


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