My Last Week In Review

Have you ever had one of those days?  How about one of those weeks?  Boy did I!


If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my live feed about this past week. It was filled with health issues and depression for me and then surgery for both my mom and my mother-in-law.  Both moms are doing well and it was outpatient procedures but as we all know, surgery can be serious no matter what.


Home also was crazy with a neighbor who committed suicide – which again shows the importance of getting help with depression and for the need of support.

We also have renovation going on and had to move to a new room.  While not a bad thing as it’s brand new but with hubby’s work schedule it left just the kids and me to do it all.


I also shared about today was IEP day for Lil Man.  And while so many find these to be a fight and a headache, I have to say I find the opposite. Georgia Cyber Academy has an awesome special education program and I have not had any issues.  Everyone is always on the same page and if I asked for anything, it’s done.


Mother’s Day was yesterday and my friend Diana of Sandy Spring Macaroni Kid had a bummer of a day (if you have kids and live in GA you have to look her site up).  She was working at a festival and broke her ankle.  To help out I once again put my Macaroni Kid hat on and played publisher for the day.  It was fun to share what an awesome resource MacKid is and how the company is national so no matter where you live or even go to visit, Macaroni Kid can help you find out what you and your family are going to do.

My day today has been filled with emails and some business but I also enjoyed some time outside with the kiddos as I have to do more for my own health.  Lil Man loves to be outdoors and being that he is more independent (walks on his own and doesn’t need his stroller or to be held) walks and adventures are not only easier but lots of fun.

So this is me keeping it real and updating what’s going on here. Not every day is rainbows and sunshine no matter what your life is like.

Did you have a good Mother’s Day?  Share what you enjoyed most. 

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